Infinity Trade App Review: How Wealth Is Made With Bots

In a market as saturated as online bot services, it’s truly difficult to stand out and provide value. Infinity Trade app sticks out from multitudes of other trading bot services because of its founder's rich background in advanced computer engineering and the forex market.

According to the app's founder, Mark Stevenson, the Infinity Trade app wasn’t made overnight. It took him 7 whole years of consistent effort to create this amazing trading bot. It boasts of amazing return numbers and is free to try since it's still in the Beta testing stage. In this review, the Infinity Trade site is discussed and evaluated if it’s great for you!

Why do you need bots like the Infinity Trade app?

Accurately analyzing the market, and taking full advantage of major price movements requires a great deal of attention, skill, and experience. It often takes most traders years of testing to create a system they can consistently make money from. However, that’s only if they're willing to watch the chart night and day even after attaining mastery.

Services and brokerages like the Infinity Trade site solve these problems by providing bots that you can program to trade on your behalf. In theory, they should be nearly infallible. They run on an advanced predictive algorithm, paired with a rudimentary AI for the most accurate predictions. However, in practice, there’s a lot more nuance to this approach to trading.

Predictive trading and algorithms are still well in their infancy and produce marginally low trade win rates, making it mostly ineffective for stacking profits and building wealth. However, the Infinity Trade platform is an exception to this rule. It boasts of an over 90% conversion rate daily, and this lets you take full advantage of the many benefits of trading with bots.

First look at the Infinity Trade site’s first page

The Infinity Trade site homepage tells you everything you need to know about the online service. It breaks down the founder’s philosophy, and why he chose to create the Infinity Trade app in the first place. You’ll also find a windy article and great Infinity Trade reviews to tell you how other users felt using the app.

Registration at the Infinity Trade site

Signing up on the Infinity Trade app is straightforward. Once you log onto the website, you'll be greeted by a short questionnaire you have to fill. You’ll find boxes for:

  • Email address
  • Password
  • Phone number
  • First name
  • Last name

Accessing the Infinity Trade app features

Although the Infinity Trade software might seem magical, it’s not. As with all online trading apps and services, it's important to test them first before investing your money. The Infinity Trade app comes with a native demo account that lets you carry out extensive testing and develop a reliable baseline for performance.

Infinity Trade is a Binary options and forex trading platform, which means it relies on both long and fast-moving trades. So, you’d want to test for either to better understand its features. Infinity Trade online also has extensive charts and tons of customizations that let users access and program the bots.

Starting your journey on Infinity Trade site

Once you've tested out Infinity Trade's various features and amazing predictive bots, you can go ahead and deposit real money if you're looking to grow your bank account.

The minimum deposit for the service is $250. The system is in the beta stage of testing, and there are few limited slots. The minimum deposit was chosen to spur people into action. So, you’ve got to act fast to take advantage of the limited but interesting bonus and the offering the site is giving.

Trading with the Infinity Trade app

Surely, no bot system is as fast or accurate regardless of how well it's marketed. It produces over 70% on a good day, which is miles ahead of any other robots on the market. As mentioned, testing the entire product will tell you if it suits your trading style.

User instructions

Infinity Trade app's flexibility is outstanding for an online trading bot. You can set clear limits, stop losses, or winning limits. This gives you a unique advantage, lets you bridge the major weaknesses of the trading app, and reduce your losses. Also, it enables you to learn all about the crypto market.


The process of depositing on the Infinity Trade app is seamless. The minimum required deposit is $250 which can be traded at once or traded in bits to avoid a portfolio loss if you deposited exactly this amount. The deposit methods include major cards like MasterCard, Visa, and Maestro.


What less should be expected of this thoroughly rewarding platform? The withdrawal is fast and effortless. Once profit is made and withdrawal is initiated, verification will be processed and your money will appear in your account typically in less than 24 hours. There’s no withdrawal fee except the ones that may be charged by your credit or debit card companies or perhaps your bank.

Fees and commissions

The Infinity Trade site has no visible or hidden charges. This means every penny that goes into the trading bot can be accounted for.

Cryptocurrencies traded

Here a few crypto assets traded on the platform. They're some of the most stable digital tokens.

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin
  • Ripple

Customer service

The platform eagerly supports its investors via mail and call. As a matter of fact, one of the ways it verifies you’re legit is via a phone call. And upon successful registration, you would’ve received a mail from a person that could be your guide on your Infinity Trade journey.

Several things work for and against this interesting trading app, and you should be aware of them moving forward. The biggest boon is the potential and value this product would provide if properly managed. And it’s the biggest criticism is that it launched while still beta testing.

Despite being varied in terms of complete software, it still provides the most decent digital amenities. You can withdraw and deposit at ease; your data is safe with SSL encryption, and the prediction rate is great. This amazing product has a lot going for it, and it's left for you to decide whether this Infinity Trade overview inspired you.


The Infinity Trade app is great at what it does and shows no real flaws or limitations. Although losses and accidents are inevitable in a highly volatile crypto market, the Infinity Trade site has been vested with enough algorithmic prowess to help you meander your ways and assure you success over 80% of the time. Does consistent profit appeal to you enough? Get on the profit train, join the Infinity Trade app today!


Infinity Trade App Review