Crypto Unlocked Review—Learn How To Earn Millions In Passive Income Online

Crypto Unlocked is a popular trading system that you can use to join the already rich users who started doing it earlier. The program uses sophisticated systems to look at the market and make trades. What’s more, is that it’s all done for you, you can do anything you want. Find out much more from this Crypto Unlocked review.

What is Crypto Unlocked?

It’s a trading bot that uses algorithms to analyze the market in such depth that no human can reach. The system was made by professional computer scientists and traders. It implements price action, indicators, patterns, technicals, and fundamentals in its analysis.

Once it’s done looking at the market conditions, it can get down to trading. This is where the second method of it occurs—trading signals. Crypto Unlocked app receives them from lots of other sources and uses those signals for finding the exact entry and closing points of the trade.

How to start with the Crypto Unlocked bot?

The program is easy to comprehend and understand due to its friendly user interface. Nevertheless, newcomers could stumble upon some difficulties if it’s their first time using a trading system. Here’s a quick guide on how to sign up with no difficulties.

Fill out a form

Firstly, the Crypto Unlocked app asks you to complete a form with some of your personal information. You need to write your name, surname, phone number, and email. You also have to verify the phone number. It’s needed for the system to understand that you’re a person, not a bot.

Activate the account

After that, you have to deposit at least $250 to activate your account. This might sound fishy, but it’s a completely normal procedure. With this, the Crypto Unlocked system wants to get that you’re using it long-term, not leaving your account with no use. Also, many users have done it already and no one got scammed.

Use demo mode

The demo account allows you to find out all about trading crypto without any risk at hand. There’s no uncertainty since you’re trading with fake money that the demo account credits you for free. You can try out strategies, learn patterns, indicators, and much more.

Start live trading

Once you decide that you want more thrill and real money earning, you can begin using Crypto Unlocked live trading. Give the bot some money to work with, set it up with your preferred risk tolerance, stop-losses, take-profits, and launch it.

Unique features of the Crypto Unlocked platform

As with every other trading bot, this one also has some achievements and great features to its name. Here are the reasons why the program is worth using compared to others.

Available cryptocurrencies

Using the Crypto Unlocked bot, you gain access to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and others. You can also trade some lower market capitalization cryptocurrencies, like Troy, Chiliz, or ChainLink.

Various payment methods

The trading app offers MasterCard, Visa, Paypal, and Skrill as deposit methods. The procedure is instant and easy. To cash out you can try MasterCard, crypto, Visa, or Bank Wire. The fees don’t exceed 5% and the cheapest method is crypto.

Responsive support team

Crypto Unlocked has a 24/7 help team that’s ready to solve any of your problems. You can get in touch with it using live chat or email. The answer should arrive in around 1 hour, so waiting all day long isn’t an issue.

Demo account

The program also offers you a paper trading account. Make the most out of it, since it’s the best way to learn to trade practically. You're not risking anything since you’re trading with fake money. However, you’re also doing it in the real market, so the experience you gain is real.

Small trading commissions

Crypto Unlocked has charges in 2 procedures on its site. The first one is the withdrawals with the commissions on them. The other one is trading sessions. You have to pay a small 5% off of all your profits after each session. It’s still a small price for using such advanced technology.

Security at the Crypto Unlocked software

Crypto Unlocked uses SSL on the inner part of its site. The security socket layer technology encrypts the user's data to then send it to a server where it could be further stored. Verification at the start is used to protect the site from harmful bots trying to enter it.

Tricks and tips for better trading on the Crypto Unlocked app

Now that you know how the system operates and how to begin using it, feel free to begin. However, it would be advisable if you also read the following section. These tricks can help you refresh and enhance your trading knowledge a lot.

Set your limitsts

Before launching Crypto Unlocked, the configuration step is of the most importance. You should set the bot stop-loss and take-profits that it could work with. They’re instruments that help you minimize damages since they close out your trade at the minimum money loss possible and take the best opportunity for the gains.

Trade multiple coins

When investing, you don’t want to put all your money in one asset due to several reasons. Firstly, that company might go bankrupt, or bad news could come. If you diversified, meaning held your money in several assets, even if that one crashed, you’d still have most of your funds safe and possibly growing.


Crypto Unlocked is the app for you if you want to become rich fast. The program offers many available cryptocurrencies, responsive support, as well as top-notch security, and lots of other perks. Give it a go and find out how easy it is to become rich overnight!


Crypto unlocked Review