Crypto-Genius Review

Crypto Genius Review—The Secret Trading App That Creates Crypto Millionaires

Crypto Genius is a modern trading website that can do the job for you. It uses trading signals together with its algorithms to understand the market and know where to enter the best trades. Stay tuned to find out much more in this Crypto Genius review.

What is Crypto Genius?

It’s a trading application that makes money for you. You only register, deposit, and launch the bot. The rest is done by already developed algorithms. They analyze the market with the help of indicators, like RSI, price action, and other financial instruments.

Furthermore, to confirm that its entries are the most profitable, it uses trading signals. They’re sent to the app from other sources. The system checks if they correspond with its own analysis and if they do, trades are made.

How to start with the Crypto Genius app?

The platform is simple to start out with and use. Nevertheless, newcomers might face some difficulties in spite of it. This is a guide on how to quickly register on the app with no problems.

Fill out a form

Firstly, you have to complete a form with some of your personal information. To be exact, you have to enter your name, surname, email, and phone number. After that, you verify your mobile number and proceed to the next step.

Activate your account

The last thing that Crypto Genius wants you to do before you get your account is to deposit at least $250. This is needed to confirm that you plan on using the technology in the future and won’t just leave your account without making any use of it.

Check out the demo account

Once you make your first login, you can see that there’s an option to open a demo account. You should definitely use it as it's a golden opportunity to enhance your trading skills. You trade with fake funds on it and receive real experience at the same time.

Launch the live trading mode

Once you feel like you’re ready to make some real money, you can begin using Crypto Genius live trading. Configure the bot, give it your preferred risk levels, session length, and other parameters. After that, launch it, sit back, and have money being printed for you.

Unique features of the Crypto Genius platform

Crypto Genius is a one-of-its-kind trading bot thanks to all the features that it has. Here’s a list of them. Look and understand why others are already using this system.

Available cryptocurrencies

The website provides its users with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, Monero, Litecoin, and many other major coins for trading. You can also try working with less-known altcoins, such as VeChain, Polkadot, or Chiliz.

Many payment methods

Crypto Genius app offers MasterCard, Visa, Paypal, and Skrill as deposit methods. The procedure itself takes a few minutes and is simple to follow through. As for the cashouts, you can use MasterCard, Visa, crypto, or Bank Wire. Small fees follow, but they’re less than 5%.

Responsive support team

The app has a 24/7 support team that can help you at any time. You can get in touch with them using live chat or email. The average response time is only an hour, or even less. You get full and actual problem-solving explanations with no unneeded stuff in them.

Demo account

The platform gives every user an opportunity to try out the demo account. It gives a person fake funds that they can use to trade with on the real market. The main perk is you can gain real practical experience without risking any of your real hard-earned money.

Small trading commissions

Crypto Genius bot takes 5% commissions after the end of each trading session. This means that you need to pay the app a bit from your profits. It’s a very fair deal since the app doesn’t even charge you anything for using its technology.

Security at the Crypto Genius app

The website uses SSL to encrypt the data of every user on the inner part of the platform. That information is then sent to a server where it can be stored under the protection of a firewall. Moreover, the verification at the sign-up stage is used to find out whether a user is a person, or a bot.

Tricks and tips for better trading on Crypto Genius

Now that you know how to work with Crypto Genius and its technology, it's time to get into trading. When using the bot, you don’t trade yourself. Nevertheless, you never know what the future might bring, so here are some valuable tips about trading.

Follow risk management rules

Since Crypto Genius is a trading system, it can ignore this problem. However, if you ever decide to trade by yourself this is a must to know. Fear of missing out and greed are only some of them. If you feel that your emotions are getting in the way, stop trading, take a break. Return only once you feel fully refreshed and have a clear mind again.

Diversify your portfolio

If you want to invest professionally, diversification is a must. This complicated term simply means that you should spread money in between a few assets, not keep it all in 1 coin. This makes your investment much safer, profitable, and looking on a professional level.


Crypto Genius bot should be your choice if you want to reach financial freedom by next year already. The app offers a professional help team, many payment options, and even a demo account. Try it out and never worry about money ever again!