Сapital Genius Review

Capital Genius Review—Will You Forget Your Problems After Trading Here?

Crypto trading has become a spotlight among traders nowadays. These decentralized currencies are known for being volatile and since no one is in control of them, they tend to fluctuate leading to price changes within a short time. Thus, they’re appealing when it comes to CFD trading, but not everyone is ideal at such type of transactions. But it’s not a problem anymore, as Capital Genius offers a user-friendly platform ideal for professional and novice traders.

3 main things prove that the Capital Genius app can’t be considered a scam. First of all, it’s all about its precision levels resulting in higher win rates. Secondly, it offers ultimate online safety with data protection technologies. Finally, the platform is completely transparent making it one of the best among other trading bots. What’s more, you don’t have to start trading here with huge capital, all you need is just $250. Read on this Capital Genius review and find out more!

What is Capital Genius?

Capital Genius is a trading bot with the pinpoint accuracy of more than 90% ensuring higher levels of ROI. It’s an ideal platform for both professional and amateur traders. The system prides itself on its unique and proprietary software allowing you to trade smoothly and hassle-free. One of the best things about this platform is its convenience, as you don’t need to spend more than 30 minutes a day to increase your profits up to $2K per day. The rest will be done on your behalf.

What is Capital Genius app good for?

Capital Genius is a completely legit and safe trading bot that offers the best solution to crypto trading and making profits from them. You don’t need to spend hours sitting and seeking a chance to sell or buy coins, as that will be performed on your behalf, making it convenient. Still, it’s not only about the convenience that makes this bot one of the most profitable in 2021. Here are some features contributing to the successful process:

  • Higher levels of automation: Capital Genius automation means that everything is performed with maximum speed and impressive accuracy. This is provided by unique and proprietary software.
  • Assessment of the market trends: in-depth understanding and assessment of the market are part of algorithmic trading on Capital Genius. Such an approach maximizes your profits that you’ll get at the end of the day.
  • No emotions involved: one of the main aims of the Capital Genius trading bot is to minimize human involvement so that the whole process will be free of emotions. Human sentiments are known to have a negative impact on the trading process.
  • Backtesting option: another great feature is that you can access the history of the market and its trends. Such an option will help you find the most successful trading strategies you can use when setting trading rules.
  • Trading discipline: smooth and emotionless trading is possible thanks to Capital Genius software that doesn’t allow any interruptions. So, with this bot, you can be sure that the whole process will be stable.

Landing page of the Capital Genius site: where to look at?

When you visit Capital Genius, you won’t have problems orienting online. The website is compact but informative at the same time. The first thing you’ll spot is an introductory video explaining how this trading system works and what it’s ready to offer. Besides, you’ll see the following on the same page:

  • Registration form
  • Brief description of site’s features
  • FAQ section

How to start trading on the Capital Genius app?

To create your account, you need to pass through the registration process and get your account verified. You’ll be contacted through email or telephone call, depending on the broker you’ll be assigned. Before you become a real trader on Capital Genius, you need to read through terms and conditions you can find at the bottom of the landing page.

Registration process

You won’t spend more than 30 minutes to create your account and get it verified. You’ll spot a registration form on the main page of Capital Genius, where you’ll have to provide the following:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email
  • Telephone number

Payment and first deposit

After creating your account, it’s time to activate it with your first deposit. The minimum requirement of Capital Genius is $250. When it comes to payment methods, you’ll find the following options:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Bank Transfer
  • PayPal

Demo account on Capital Genius

You might not be ready to start trading with real cash. But there’s a solution like a demo account. It’s a free and virtual account where you can learn more about how the system works. Besides, it’ll provide the following information:

  • The market and its trends
  • Trading rules and strategies
  • Risks of CFD trading

Trading online

After you get some useful experience with a demo account, you may start automated trading with real cash. Still, you may benefit from the manual trading option if you're a more professional trader. The platform offers the following coins you can trade with:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ripple
  • Litecoin
  • Ethereum

Main features of the Capital Genius app

Convenience, speed, and precision are reasons enough to convince anyone to become a trader on this platform. Besides, thanks to its user-friendly interface, even amateurs can start earning from scratch. Besides, it offers the following to make your trading even more appealing and productive:

  • Faster payouts: the whole process of withdrawing your money will take just about 1 day. It’s easy and convenient, and you don’t have to wait for several days. What’s more, you can cash out your money whenever you want.
  • Ultimate security: the site employs a wide range of software tools to provide maximum levels of safety. Besides, Capital Genius uses encryption technology to guarantee your data protection.
  • No fees for the software: the problem of fees of unknown origin doesn’t exist on Capital Genius. Everything is crystal-clear, and you don’t need to pay for the use of this trading bot.
  • Compatibility feature: trading on the go is possible with Capital Genius mobile site version. The best about it is its compatibility with almost all known mobile operating systems.
  • Learning tools: it’s ideal for starters not only because it’s user-friendly, but because it also offers learning tools via which you can discover more about the crypto sector and CFD trading process nuances.
  • Customer support: whenever you need help online, you need to go to the help desk page, where you describe your problem. The team working online round the clock will immediately respond to your assistance request.

How to use the Capital Genius bot?

CFD trading isn’t risk-free, and thus, your discretion is a must. Although you minimize your risks with Capital Genius, you still need to be careful enough so that you won’t lose your assets and money. Here are some basic tips on how you can trade more cautiously:

  • Low investment: the site’s minimum deposit requirement is $250, but when activating a trading bot, you don’t need to invest all of this sum. Use just one-tenth of it.
  • Extra money: you better not risk the money you can’t afford to lose. Thus, before you register and become a trader on Capital Genius, you need to have the extra or disposable sum you can risk.
  • Checking ongoing process: the system is fully automated, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t check how everything proceeds. Frequent monitoring can help to avoid some technical problems.
  • Demo account option: Capital Genius offers a free account based on virtual crypto trading. With this account, you can gain more experience without any risks involved.

Final thoughts

Capital Genius app is the best solution for those seeking a chance to earn more than $2K every day with the least possible risks. Besides, it offers a completely safe, quick, and precise platform where trading is convenient. Want to be among those who dare to earn and live in luxury? All you need is $250!