bitQA APP Review

Unbiased And Complete bitQS APP Site Overview For Curious Traders

Technology doesn't stop developing, and many people all over the globe choose to use the advantage to the fullest rather than ignore it. However, along with the perks of money-making that the Internet offers come the drawbacks too. At times, it's challenging to tell a legit service from a fraudulent one.

In the era of crypto trades, many share their positive experience and earned capitals from the industry. Nevertheless, those who lack related knowledge seem to be left out. Or, so it was before the introduction of automated crypto bots. bitQS APP is one of the known automated platforms offering huge income through algorithmic trading of cryptocurrency. Would you like to learn which is true, and what’s not about the advertised vendor? Hop and discover the secrets that will become your greatest benefit on the road to success!

bitQS APP site—covering the basics

If you're new to the sphere and know little about how similar platforms operate—there's nothing to worry about. The bitQS APP review is aimed at expanding your crypto horizons. The aforementioned service is programmed to generate profit from the ever-changing crypto trends. The service offers you to buy and sell cryptocurrency at the most favorable moment so that you can benefit from shifts between the prices that go up or down.

While there are countless services that offer a similar experience. While some of them are nothing more than unreliable scams, most are trustworthy. However, what differs the bitQS APP from the rest is particularly designed software. The system is created in such a way that it's always ahead of the competitors. The success rate of 99.4% isn’t a myth but a well-thought reality.

Another peculiarity of such an automated trading bot lies in the fact that there's as little human interference required as possible. Besides, the machine learns that the algorithm gathers the most recent signals and eliminates the chance of emotional trading or human error.

Is bitQS APP a scam or a legit platform?

Before you decide to claim a trading platform a scam, you need to explain what makes you think so. Many users are disappointed with the unfavorable market shifts and poorly thought trading strategies that lead to funds loss. So, instead of blaming it on their actions, they blame it on the automated robot.

To ensure that every user knows what the market is like, the service developers warn all the traders that the risk of loss is usually higher than 50%. If you're unwilling to risk—you should better reconsider your interaction with the vendor. At the same time, the chance of victory is as high. Aside from the clear warning that proves the vendor's serious and sincere intentions, the platform is known to hold all the necessary licenses and certificates. Lastly, the close cooperation with trustworthy brokers proves its legitimacy.

How does bitQS APP operate?

If you wish to dive into the theory behind the platform's operation, you should start with the algorithm. Run by Artificial Intelligence, the system is built to scan the crypto markets along with the trends. Based on gathered data and trading signals, the algorithm generates the best possible time to launch a trade. What makes it so profitable is the fact that it's 0.01 seconds faster than most. This means that a bitQS APP user is ahead of all the others all the time.

Definitive features of bitQS APP site

Improved algorithm and platform's legitimacy are rarely enough to attract users, so the service developers decided to offer an average something that the competitors can't.


It's essential to know precisely what you lose and what you gain in the process. With the bitQS APP, you don't need to go through complicated calculations to figure out the process. After the system is done with daily trades, it calculates the profits. The earnings are shown in your account instantly. So, if you're pleased with the trade, you can cash the money out fast and without any delay or misunderstanding.


Some vendors charge for the service exploitation. bitQS APP is a free platform with no fees or hidden costs to be aware of. You can trade for as long as you see fit and withdraw your income without any fees deducted from it.

Customer support

bitQS APP is a user-oriented and straightforward service. All the functions and operations are self-explanatory and educational. However, if you come across an issue that you can't solve on your own, you can easily reach out to the support team the service features. Every registered user can reach out to support via email or live chat.

Registration process

A user can't explore the service and trade with it without an active account registered. The registration will take you up to 15 minutes.

Sign up

Once you visit the service's official website, you'll see the registration form that you're bound to fill out to proceed with the upcoming trades. The data required is basic, but all the information provided should be active, or you won't pass the confirmation stage. After you share your name, phone number, and email address with the platform, the confirmation will be sent to both the phone and email. After following the confirmation link, you'll gain access to your newly created account.


bitQS APP is free to use the platform, but without the initial deposit, you won't be able to continue with the trade. Unlike most trading services, the bitQS APP features an affordable deposit minimum in the sum of $250. You can use the following options to complete the transaction:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • eWallet
  • Bank Transfer

It takes minutes before the deposited sum is shown in your account.

Demo mode

Many users choose to skip the stage and proceed with the live mode. However, the main peculiarity of a demo trade lies in the fact that it grants you a better idea of how the service works. You can play around with the features, test your private strategies for free and see what a real-life outcome is. Beginning traders are advised to start with the demo trade to gain the necessary trading experience.

Live trade

After you've had enough practice with the demo mode, you can carry on with the live mode. bitQS APP allows it to launch the trade in a matter of seconds. All it takes is to press the "Auto Trade" to start the trade. However, seasoned users advise customizing the settings a little to ensure that you don't lose more than you can afford in the process.

bitQS APP is equipped with a list of settings that can be personalized. Start with the daily trading amount and the number of trades, and proceed with the Stop-loss limit to make sure that the bot doesn't initiate more trades than you need. You can also set up the notification option to see when the trade is over and how much you earn or lose in the process.

Tips for profiting more with bitQS APP site

Even an inexperienced user can profit with the vendor while keeping the most effective tips in mind.

  • Make use of the demo mode—as thrilling and exciting as a live mode is, so helpful is the demo trade. The mode is designed to present the algorithm in use so that you get a better understanding of it.
  • Do your research—you can rely on the bot solely, or you can dive into the world of crypto news. By following the trends, you'll be better aware of when to launch the system and when to keep away from trading.
  • Stick with the minimum—bitQS APP allows it to go above the requested minimum of $250. Judging by the presented success rate, you may want to try your luck. It's true that the more significant is the investment, the higher is the profit rate. However, if you’re new to the field, it's advised to stick with the minimum.


bitQS APP is a reputable automated trading vendor with a favorable success rate. What makes it so special is the simplicity and suitability for users with little to no trading experience. After a swift registration, you'll become a valid member of a profit-generating service. The question is—will you manage to register on time since the unoccupied spots are running out?