Bitcoin-Compass Review

You’ll Never Need To Work Again After Reading This Bitcoin Compass Review

Bitcoin Compass is an online trading bot that’s been developed over many years. Its technology surpasses all others. It can analyze markets in seconds, which not every human can do. Then it makes trades based on the analysis, and their success rate is at astonishing 90%. Stay tuned to find out even more in this Bitcoin Compass review.

What’s Bitcoin Compass?

Bitcoin Compass is a trading robot that uses special algorithms to analyze the markets. It implements technical analysis using RSI, MACD, VWAP, and many other indicators. In addition, it also gets signals from brokers that help it evaluate even further.

The signals are trusted and used by the bot for it to be sure of the correctness of the analysis. It then starts a trade at the best possible time and exits with the same precision.

How to start with Bitcoin Compass platform?

It’s pretty easy and fast to begin and continue using the Bitcoin Compass app. However, beginners might still get some questions. This guide is here to help you quickly feel yourself at home on the site.

Fill out a form

The very first step is to provide your personal information. You have to type your name, surname, mobile phone number, and email. Once you’re done, you need to verify your phone number to continue. This procedure is to help the site understand whether a user who’s trying to sign up is a bot or human.

Activate your account

Bitcoin Compass software still doesn’t allow you to access your account after the form completion. You have to also deposit at least $250 to get access to it. This is needed because if you’re interested in using the platform, you should be ready to put some money into it. That’s what Bitcoin Compass is trying to find out.

Try demo mode

After you manage to log in, you’re offered a demo account to start. You should accept this offer. A demo account can help you learn how to trade, giving you experience with no risk. Using it, you’re trading with fake money but gaining real experience and knowledge.

You can find out about various technical indicators, like RSI, VWAP, MACD. Also, you could learn more regarding price action, support and resistance levels, where and how to use them.

Start live trading

Once you feel comfortable with trading on Bitcoin Compass, you can finally begin live trading. Remember to follow risk management principles, keep your head cool at all times, and don’t get greedy. Even if you just follow these rules, you’re off to a good start.

Unique features of Bitcoin Compass site

Every crypto trading bot needs to have something interesting and unique for it to be special among its competitors. Bitcoin Compass has lots of those features. Here’s a list of what you can do with this app.

Available cryptocurrencies

With Bitcoin Compass software, you can trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, and lots of other cryptocurrencies. Altcoins are also present and you can trade them. The latter coins often bring much more profit than major cryptocurrencies, so pay attention to them.

Payment methods

Bitcoin Compass platform offers many banking options. To deposit you can use MasterCard, Visa, Paypal, or Skrill. To cash out you can use Visa, MasterCard, Crypto, or Bank Wire. The withdrawals are fast and are processed within a day.

Responsive support team

Bitcoin Compass has 24/7 support that can assist you in case of any problems. You can get in touch with the help team using a live chat, or email. The average response time is about an hour, so waiting a lot isn’t an issue.

Demo account

Before you begin live trading, it’s for your own good to start with a demo account. Thankfully, Bitcoin Compass has this feature for every beginner. Using a demo account, you can learn to trade, develop strategies, find out more about price action, and much more without risking any money.

Small trading commissions

To start using the Bitcoin Compass system you don’t have to pay anything, just make a deposit. The payment is in the form of fees after every trading session. You have to give the bot a small part of your profit, not more than 1%. It’s an affordable price for a program that could change your life forever.

Security at Bitcoin Compass site

Bitcoin Compass uses SSL technology to encrypt user’s data on the website. This information is then sent to a server for further storage. It also has a verification method at the registration. Every person has to verify their mobile phone number, no bot can do that.


Bitcoin Compass is a trading bot to use if you want financial freedom. The app offers an advanced trading system that almost makes no mistakes, a 24/7 support team, lots of payment options, and lots of other crucial things for successful trading. Try it and see how easy it is to become crypto rich!